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An Evening of One-Acts

Featuring RHS Student Directors

2019 One Acts.jpg

The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year by John Guare

Directed by Emily Parker ‘19

An absurdist play in which the characters lack names. He (Liam Huff) and She (Sophia Smith) meet repeatedly in the park and She listens to the peculiar stories He tells. She does not believe them, until strange things begin to occur.

Roll Over, Beethoven by David Ives

Directed by Evan Smolin ‘19

Robin (Reed Koh) arrives at the apartment of Dr. Goldenbaum (Thomas Mitchell) for a first piano lesson, eager to play “Fur Elise.” Robin finds no piano in the apartment – at least, no visible piano – and Dr. Goldenbaum might be insane…or he might not be.

Perfect by Mary Gallagher

Directed by Lucy Basile ‘20

In this short comedy, Tina (Callie Amill) is trying to set up Kitty (Eleanor Andresen) with Dan (Owen Gaydos) at a dinner party. Dan is the perfect candidate to be with Kitty, but Kitty is worried about Dan’s politics.

Beauty by Jane Martin

Directed by Ana Kowalczyk ‘20

A comedy with darker undertones. Bethany (Kyra Linekin) finds herself with three wishes. After wishing two away, her final wish is to be as beautiful as Carla (Hannah Jay).

Funeral Parlor by Christopher Durang

Directed by Lane Murdock ‘20

A short comedic play. Susan (Sophia Smith), a widow is accosted at her husband’s funeral by Marcus (Liam Huff), a very inappropriate guest.

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