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Welcome to the 2022-2023 RHS Theatre Season! The RHS Theatre Boosters is an independent parent-run organization whose mission is to support and promote the extracurricular dramas and musicals at RHS, while also fostering students' pride of participation in all aspects of those programs.  Your membership and support will directly benefit many aspects of the RHS dramas and musicals, which provide such a rich experience to all of the students involved in the many aspects of the productions, as well as to RHS and the Ridgefield community.  

Spirit Wear

RHS  Theatre  sweatshirts  (personalization available), car magnets and more RHS Theatre Spirit items may be purchased by clicking the link below!  


Dues are $50 for the fall drama, $50 for the winter play, and $75 for the spring musical. Funds are used to pay for or supplement any and all aspects of RHS productions, including but not limited to microphones and other technical equipment, show licensing, costuming, sets, senior recognition awards, and whatever specific needs are identified to make the RHS dramas and musicals as successful as possible. Feel free to contact Sherry Cox to confidentially discuss any financial hardship.   

Board of Directors

The 2022-2023 Theatre Booster Board members are listed below.  In addition, many, many parents of actors, stage crew, sound crew, lighting crew, make up crew and orchestra musicians help with every show.

  • Co-Producers: Daria Holian, Ivy Huff, Emily Mills

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Emily Mills

  • Treasurer: Ivy Huff

  • Publicity/Playbill: Mary Joyce, Martha Huitron

  • House Operations: Open

  • Advertising/Sponsorships: Jessica Cohen

  • Ticketing: Jim Munson

  • Spirit Items and Artwork:  Michelle Briody
  • Concessions: Daria Holian
  • Lobby Display: 

Needed Now! Contact Info and Volunteer Preferences

There are many opportunities to volunteer and support RHS Theatre and the Theater Boosters. Please consider helping with set build, ticket selling, ushering and supporting theater events in new and virtual ways in the 2020-21 season! Please send us your Contact information so we can keep you up to date on developments in the 2020-21 RHS production season as it evolves.

Contact Us! 

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us via email at or through the Contact page on this website. You may also wish to join our Facebook page by clicking the link below.

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